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Halloween is possibly the best known fancy dress event, from aliens to zombies usually the scarier the better !

Its a night to scare your nearest and dearest and get away with it !!

Halloween began because people believed that on Halloween night the souls of the dead returned to their homes so if they lit bonfires it would ward off the ghosts but eventually became famous and turned into a festival of trick and treat event so people would dress up and parties and celebrate.

Halloween costumes are inspired by film characters such as Jason from Halloween, Pennywise it, Freddy Kruger nightmare on elm street, The Purge, Scream Character, Zombies from The walking dead, Witches, Wizards, Devils and Demons, Ghosts, Werewolves the list is endless.

Halloween is also a celebration to be who you like including Elvis !!!

Any costume can become Halloween you just need imagination !


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