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1970s fancy dress was a continuous trend from the sixties, trends also included the Mods And Rockers but the fashion was often much the same towards the end of the sixties to the beginning of the 1970s, later 70s dresses were mid length but jump suits were crossed between hippy chick and disco diva with frills and sparkle at this time icons such as Abba played its part.

Men had bell bottom trousers load shirts pattern , plain  or frills a suit would be a bright colour so they would stand out from the crowd also worn were dicky bows.

1970s fancy dress was also loud and proud, it was a statement

Both women and men would wear floppy hats again plain or patterned, animal print was also known for the 1970s.

Icons such as John Travolta took the limelight for Saturday night fever the movie and disco hits that were very popular at this time

Open shirts with chest hair and medallion’s, large rings also played a big part in this year

Platform shoes made both women and men taller, there was no end to what you could wear during this year.