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Balloon Information

How Long Will My Balloon Float For? 



We are often asked how long will the balloons last, This is understandable given the various shapes and sizes of balloons on offer on our website!

Balloon float times depend on a number of factors, such as size, material, filling (i.e.confetti) and attachments, such as weights, ribbon etc..

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons look fabulous when inflated using helium. However, there are some points to consider when inflating latex balloons with helium. Latex is a porous material. As such, helium begins to seep out from the moment the balloon is inflated. We recommend inflating latex balloons with helium as close to the event as possible in order for them to look their best throughout.

As a rough guide, we would usually expect latex balloons to float for approximately 8-12 hours, depending on temperature, accessories, and decorations used as these will all have an impact.  

Confetti Balloons 

Confetti balloons look gorgeous when inflated with air or helium. Regardless of whether you choose to have the confetti sitting at the bottom of the balloon, or stuck to the wall of the balloon, the end result is equally as stunning.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons float for longer periods of time than latex. Some of our customers have reported that their balloons stayed afloat for days (sometimes weeks). Thus, you can inflate your foil balloons a day or two prior to your event. The main reason why foil balloons last this long is because foil is much less porous than latex and so does not allow the helium to escape as quickly as latex balloons. Float times vary between sizes and shapes of all balloons but the most common foil size is the 18-inch round balloon, which can stay looking freshly inflated for around 3-5 days. Animal-shaped foil balloons are generally larger and can stay inflated for weeks! 

What affects float time?

Balloon attachments such as curling ribbons and garlands will reduce float times due to their added weight.  

Extending the float time

You may extend the float time of your balloon by using Hi-Float. Hi-Float works by coating the inside of the balloon, creating a thin lining/membrane to prevent helium escaping quickly. We hope these tips keep your balloons up there with the best of them, for the time you need!