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101 Adorable Baby Fancy Dress Costume Ideas!

Baby Fancy Dress!

Get yourself a fancy dress costume for the cutest little thing in your life! Our Baby fancy dress is perfect to dress up your babies for any occasion!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Baby fancy dress board on Pinterest. Where we are always updating our Pinterest boards with lots more ideas and inspiration so you can find the perfect costume for your next fancy dress party! 

101 Adorable Baby Fancy Dress Costume Ideas!

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Costumes for Babies!

Babies Bat Costume 12-24 Months

Babies Bat Costume

First up in this list of Fancy Dress for Babies is this adorable Bat costume. It comes in red and black and will make your little one look incredibly cute!

Babies Kangaroo Costume 12-24 Months

Babies Kangaroo Costume

Going down under? Well you don’t have to with this Kangaroo baby fancy dress csotume for 12-24 Months. It’ll get your little one hopping around the party.

Babies Panda Costume 12-24 Months

Babies Panda Costume

There aren’t many things cuter than seeing your little baby in this amazing Panda fancy dress costume! It comes in black and white so you’ll look exactly like a panda!

Babies Puppy Costume 12-24 Months

Babies Puppy Costume

How cute is this?! It’s our beautiful Puppy costume! It’s for all babies that are 12-24 Months. They will be the most adorable little thing at the party in this cute baby costume.

Childrens Baby Shark Costume

Childrens Baby Shark Costume

What kind of a party would it be if there wasn’t at least one Baby Shark baby fancy dress costume? It would be a slighty less cute party, that’s for sure!

Childrens Chick Costume

Childrens Chick Costume

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well with this super cute fancy dress costume, it doesn’t matter! Your little one can be both and get all the attention.

Childrens Dinosaur Costume

Childrens Dinosaur Costume

Who wouldn’t be jealous with your baby crawling around in this amazing fancy dress costume? We would be, but then we know how cute all of these costumes are.

Childrens Little Strawberry Costume

Childrens Little Strawberry Costume

This is possibly the sweetest baby fancy dress costume on our list! It’s soooooo adorable! Dress your little one up in this costume and they’ll be getting all of the snuggles.

Childrens Puppy Dog Costume

Childrens Puppy Dog Costume

Here’s another Puppy fancy dress costume for your baby. Because when you combine puppies and babies, you get the cutest thing in the world and you can never have enough of that. 

Childrens Unicorn Costume

Childrens Unicorn Costume 6-12 Months

We only went and did it, we found something even cuter than puppies, strawberries and ducks! It’s our Unicorn baby fancy dress costume for 6-12 months.

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