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101 1920s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

If you're going to a 1920s Fancy Dress Party then you'll need some amazing 20s costume ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. Well, don't worry, we're here for you!

Dress like a Gangster or Moll with our 1920s Fancy Dress Costumes!

If you’re going to a 1920s Fancy Dress Party then you’ll need some amazing 1920s costume ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. Well, don’t worry, we’re here for you!

We have lots of costumes and accessories to choose from right here on our site. We’ve also put together 10 of our best selling items in this article for you to take a look at. There’s even an inspiration video we put together of 101 1920s fancy dress ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing, take a look below! Or, you can check out our 1920’s Pinterest board for more ideas.

101 1920s Fancy Dress Ideas

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1920s Costumes and Accessories

Adult Mens Gangster / Wise Guy Costume

Are you the wise guy of your group? Well, you probably need this adult mens gangster costume then to up your 1920s Fancy Dress game! The kit includes the jacket, trousers and handkerchief.

Adult Black Fabric Gangster 1920s Trilby Hat

What kind of gangster doesn’t have a black fabric gangster hat? The rubbish fancy dress kind. Don’t be that person, get yourself a gangster hat!

1920s Purple Satin Charleston Headband

1920s Purple Satin Charleston Headband With Feather & Jewel Detail

This purple satin Charleston headband, with feather & jewel detail will make your costume stand out from all of the other (less cool) 1920s fancy dress costumes.

1920s Gangster Instant Kit Black and White

1920s Gangster Instant Kit Black And White

If you’re in a pinch and you need to get your 1920s costume in one hit, then our 1920s fancy dress Gangster instant kit in black and white is the costume for you. It includes the braces, tie, hat, spats and moustache

1920s Gangster Hat Black

1920s Gangster Hat, Black

Another hat! Are you noticing a trend here? Hats are important if you’re wanting to look like a 1920s Gangster.

1920s Charleston Deluxe Boa

1920s Charleston Deluxe Boa

What says you’re a 1920s Moll more than a Deluxe feather Boa? Nothing really, this is available in lots of colours. It’s 180cm and weighs  80g.

1920's Gangster White Braces

1920'S Gangster White Braces

These white braces will look great with any 1920s gangster look. They are easily attached to your outfit and will certainly complete your outfit. They come in one size and will fit most adults

1920s Deluxe White Gangster Tie

1920'S Deluxe White Gangster Tie

Are you the smart kind of gangster? Of course you are, why would you be anything different? Well, you’ll need our deluxe white gangster tie then won’t you?

1920s Charleston Flapper Instant Kit

1920'S Charleston Flapper Instant Kit

If you’re dressing as a 1920’s Charleston flapper for your 1920s fancy dress party then all you’ll need is our 1920’s Flapper instant kit which includes a wig, necklace, headpiece and cigarette holder.

1920s Charleston Flapper Hat

1920'S Charleston Flapper Hat With Beads And Flower

More hats! All the hats! This is the perfect 1920s fancy dress accessory for your costume.